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Digital Consultancy

Consultancy Services Areas where we can help you


Many SEO issues are around,
not doing well in searches, or slipping down the search results.

Web Development

Time moves on and so should your website. You know what you want to do but not sure how to achieve it.

Social Media

Your problems could be,
lack of engagement, or not knowing how to make the most of the different types.

PPC Marketing

Low and/or expensive conversion rates it a common sign that things are not right with your PPC campaign


Email Marketing

Common email marketing problems are,
low open rates and low click-through rates (CTR)

What is our Digital Consultancy Service The benefits to your business

When you have a digital problem in your business it is often difficult to know who to turn to and who you can trust.

That is why BAK Digital provides a Digital Consultancy Service. Our service covers the five different digital areas mentioned above and is there for you when you need it. You do not need to be an existing customer of ours or tie your company into a lengthy contract. Our simple pay as you go pricing structure means you only pay for our help and advice when you actually need it.

You can either pay by the hour for our services or we can give you a fixed price to perform a specific task or requirement. 

It is like having a Digital Professional on your payroll but only paying them when you need them.

The support we offer may be in the form of advice and guidance or more hands-on, actually logging into your system and resolving the problem for you there and then.

As we mentioned above we offer a very simple and easy to understand pricing structure. We charge £50 for the first hour or part thereof and £25 per subsequent hours should they be needed. Most problems can be dealt with within the first hour, however, should we feel this will not be the case we may offer you a fixed price alternative should you prefer.

So whatever your problem: Email Marketing | Search Engine Optimisation | Pay Per Click Management | Web Development | Social Media 

Our Digital  Consultancy is here to help. 

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“Thanks for all your help. You managed to do in less than an hour something that  I had been struggling with for days. I will also take on board the advice you gave me. Thanks again”. Steve