15th June 2018 – Ever Heard of an AMP? If Not, You Need to Read This ASAP!

Welcome BAK to another weekly catch up! 

We have a nice mix of useful posts for you this week. Whether your a budding web developer or your an email marketing beginner, we’ve got some great tips and tricks to enhance your online presence!

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AMP – A Guide For Beginners

To put it simply, an AMP web page is a page that has been simplified for mobile users to improve loading time. With 53% of mobile users leaving a page if it takes more than 3 seconds to load, you can see why we needed to bring these to your attention!

Find out how they improve loading times for your pages on mobile devices.

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How to Improve Your Website’s User Experience

Almost 40% of users will stop engaging if they find the content or layout of a website shabby and tatty. Could you afford to lose 40% of your online visitors?

Follow our top tips to make sure; white space, errors, links, layout and speed aren’t having a negative effect on your User Experience!

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9 Tips and Tricks for Personalising Your Marketing Emails

I’d almost bet my house that you have received emails addressing you by your first name. And yes, to a certain extent that email was personalised to you. However, there is much, much more to it than that.

Find out how to personalise your marketing emails even further to improve your open rates today!

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We hope you found this BAK Digital Weekly Catch Up a useful one. With 56% of web traffic being mobile users, you should definitely consider making your pages into AMP’s!

All that’s left to say from us is, have a bak-tastic weekend and we will be with you again at the same time next Friday