18th May 2018 – Looking to Improve Your Email Open Rates and Gain Customers?

This week, we’ve got some great tips and tricks that will help you optimise your email marketing campaign and a first look at landing pages. So, I’ll let you get stuck in!

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10 Tips for Creating a Killer Subject Line

Did you know that using a song lyric as a subject line in an email marketing campaign has been found to increase open rates by up to 10%? If not, then who knows what else you could learn from our top tips.

Find out how to write an engaging subject line that can improve your open rates & conversion rates significantly.

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When Should You be Sending Your Marketing Emails?

Timing is an important aspect of email marketing and knowing when you should be sending your marketing emails can make a HUGE difference to your open rates.

Find out exactly when leading research suggests you should be sending yours and why you might want to ignore the advice you’ve been given in the past!

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A Landing Page – What is it?

When looking into setting up a Pay Per Click Campaign you can’t help but wonder, “What is a Landing Page?” In short, it is a page which engages a prospective or existing customer to your site. But there is a lot more to it than that…

Find out exactly what a Landing Page is and the importance of using CTA’s in yours!

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We hope you found this BAK Digital Weekly Catch Up an interesting one. Follow this week’s tips and tricks and your email open rates will be on the up before you know it!

Have a bak-tastic week and we will be with you again this Friday to go into more detail about landing pages!