19th August 2018 – Twitter Accused of Shadow Banning Your Tweets!

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There’s a nice mix of content for you in this weeks mailshot. We’ve included a very interesting post about Twitter’s ‘shadow banning’ shenanigans. We’ve also included a post on improving your Quality Score that you absolutely cannot afford to miss!

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Twitter – Shadow Banning Accusations and Tweet Ranking

Accusations have been thrown around a lot recently with regards to Twitter, with many people claiming that Twitter has been ‘Shadow Banning’ content that people are posting. You may be sat there (like we were) thinking ‘What on earth is shadow banning…’

By definition, shadow banning is deliberately making someone’s content undiscoverable to everyone except the person who posted it, unbeknownst to the original poster. Twitter we’re unhappy to be accused of this, to say the least!

Find out exactly what Twitter had to say about these serious accusations…
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How to Improve Quality Score in Google Ads

Running a fully optimised Pay-Per-Click campaign requires a huge amount of time and effort. You also need a clear understanding of what actually effects the success of your ad campaigns. One thing is for sure, you need a great Quality Score to succeed!

Follow this ‘how to’ guide today and with a bit of luck you will begin to see an increase in leads from your ad campaigns! Not only that, you could also save some cash on your CPC, which in turn will maximise your ROI!

Take me to the guide!

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