22nd July 2018 – Get Your Latest CPD Certificate in 30 Minutes

Welcome BAK to another weekly catch up!

We’re sorry we missed you last Sunday. There was a problem with our email marketing software, but that’s all sorted now and were BAK better than ever! Here is your weekly round-up of our latest and greatest digital marketing tips and tricks!

Landing Pages

Firstly, we’re starting you off with a FREE Getting Started with Landing Pages Course that is CPD verified. Then we have a great, easy to follow guide on how to set up Google tag manager on WordPress!


On that note, I’ll let you get stuck in… 

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FREE Getting Started with Landing Pages Course

Did you know that 67% of medium-sized companies have landing pages? And using videos on landing pages can increase conversions by 86%? If you didn’t know either of these facts, what else could you learn today?

This FREE short course will teach you how and where to use landing pages effectively and offer advice on how to structure them.
And… it’s CPD verified as well! So you could even do something productive with your Sunday evening and update your CPD log in under half an hour!

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How to Set Up Google Tag Manager on WordPress

Do you know what Google Tag Manager (GTM) is? If not then you need to read this ASAP! What is a tag? A feature of a website that collects data. You may have heard it being called a pixel or beacon. A successful site needs tags like an English summer needs BBQ’s!

If you’re wanting to manage the tags on your site, but don’t want to rely on a ‘web guy’ then look no further because GTM is your answer. It’s FREE and easy to use, which is only a bonus. GTM is your holy grail for having complete freedom with your tags. We hope by now you’re desperate to get started…

Find out exactly how with our set up Google tag manager with this easy to follow guide!

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That’s it from us this week! We hope you enjoy the rest of the weekend you have left and we look forward to having you BAK next week!