25th May 2018 – Ever Thought About How to Make a Landing Page?

Welcome BAK to another weekly catch up! 

This week we’ve got 10 easy steps to help you create your own landing page, the benefits they can have for your business and a look into how you should be structuring your website. So on that note, I’ll let you get reading!

10 steps graphic

10 Easy Steps to Making the Perfect Landing Page

Landing pages look simple, yet they can be really tricky to create! So, for those of you that want to find out how to make the perfect landing page, follow these 10 easy steps!

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The Benefits of Landing Pages

Still unsure about why we’ve given you steps to make a landing page? Then you may want to know that 67% of medium-sized companies have them, so they must be useful!

Find out how they can help you target your audience AND increase your conversions!

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blue house site structure

Site Structure Simplified – Why is it Important?

Having a well-structured site is crucial for both your potential customers and ranking higher on Google!

Find out what User Experience is and how it could increase your site’s conversion rates.

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We hope you found this BAK Digital Weekly Catch Up an interesting one. Follow our steps to create a landing page and how to structure your site and your conversion rates will be on the up before you know it!

Have a bak-tastic weekend and we will be with you again at the same time next Friday to get your business up and running on Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin!