5th August 2018 – Everything You Need to Know About Chatbots AMP More

Welcome BAK to another weekly catch up! 

In the world of digital marketing, speed and efficiency are crucial to your success! Your website visitors want to find out the information they are looking for, fast! In fact, fast just doesn’t cut it anymore.

If I told you that you now have a shorter attention span than a goldfish, you would call me crazy. However, a recent study conducted by Microsoft found that the notoriously forgetful goldfish has an average attention span of 9 seconds. Our attention span now sits at 8 seconds… Worrying I know, but this only highlights the importance of speed on your website.

Find out how Chatbots and Accelerated Mobile Pages can combat the attention span pandemic of the human race.

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Should I Use a Chatbot?

The answer is yes.

Chatbots have been around for quite some time now. The first one ever was coded in 1966 (what a year!) and went by the name of Eliza. Today they are much more advanced and a necessity for many businesses and internet users.

49% of customers prefer to contact businesses via text, chat or messenger and 80% of businesses want Chatbots by 2020. If they weren’t part of your future business plans, they should be now…

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How Do Accelerated Mobile Pages Work? – Learning AMP

We’ve touched on AMP’s in a previous weekly catch up. In case you missed it, you may want to read ‘Beginners Guide to Accelerated Mobile Pages – Learning AMP’ to get up to speed…

Now you understand what an AMP is, you need to know how they work. With 40% of web users leaving a website if the loading process takes longer than 3 seconds, we can’t stress enough the importance of turning your standard web pages into AMP’s.

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That’s it from us this week! We hope you enjoy the rest of the weekend you have left and we look forward to having you BAK next week!