9th September 2018 – Ad Optimisation Just Got Even Easier

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We’ve only got one post for you this week but I urge you not to be disappointed. The phrase ‘quality not quantity’ springs to mind as this post is one you must see… If you have a Google Ads account of course. If you don’t, why not take a look at the latest blogs on a topic that interests you?

Early last month Google decided to change the name of their extremely successful advertising platform from Google AdWords to Google Ads. Along with the name change, there have also been many other changes and additions to the advertising platform as a whole.

Let’s take a look at one of these additions; Optimisation Score.

What is optimisation score

What is Optimisation Score?

The most recent addition to Google Ads is the Optimisation Score feature you can find in the recommendations tab of your Google Ads account. Following these recommendations can help you improve your ad position and improve your CTR.

However, be wary!

Find out why you may need to take Google’s ‘recommendations’ with a pinch of salt to avoid spending your monthly budget in a couple of weeks…

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