Your Pay Per Click Options

Having decided that Pay Per Click advertising is your best option for generating web visitors, customers and sales you now need to decide which route to go down.

Broadly speaking there are three ways that you go. Each one has it’s own pros and cons. Carry on reading and find out which one is best for you and your business.

Fully Managed Service

With a fully managed PPC campaign, all the hard work is done for you.

You will have experts running your PPC adverts but, of course,  you will have to pay for this service.

Self Managed after training

Learning how to run your PPC campaign is a valuable skill.

By getting training first you will be avoiding the costly mistakes that all “newbies” make first time around.

Self Managed

Managing your own PPC campaign is the cheapest option.

Expect to make plenty of mistakes and be prepared for these mistakes to cost you in wasted clicks and missed sales.

Fully Managed PPC Account. The pros and the cons


Cheaper Cost per clicks

By using experienced pay per click marketers you should find that you end up paying less for each of the clicks through to your website.

Saves your valuable time

Business people are always short of time by leaving your PPC to the experts you can get on with running your business.


Better Return on Investment

Cheaper clicks mean more clicks for your budget.  Ultimately this will mean more potential customers for your business.


Extra cost

In addition to paying for your clicks you will also need to pay the management fee.

No new skills

You will never learn how to manage your own account.

This is not important for most business people but it might be to you.

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Self Managed PPC Account with training. The pros and the cons


You keep total control

It’s good to know exactly how your business runs.

By running your own PPC campaign you can be certain that everything is being done just the way you want it to be.

Business knowledge

Who knows your business and your customers better than you?

You can bring all that knowledge and apply it directly to your PPC campaign.

A valuable business skill

Knowing how to build and manage a PPC campaign is a very valuable business skill to have.

Once learnt you can take this knowledge and use it over and over again.


Mistakes could be expensive

While you are learning mistakes will get made.

With PPC advertising mistakes will definitely cost you money.

Costs you valuable time

Running your PPC account will not be a 5 minute job.

Do you have the time to learn this new skill and run your business?

You could be losing sales

It is unlikely you will ever be as good as a full-time PPC account manager.

This could mean you are missing out on valuable sales.

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Self Managed PPC Account. The pros and the cons


No Initial cost

It will cost you absolutely nothing to set up your PPC campaign.

The only costs will start when you set your campaign live and it begins spending the daily budget you have allocated.

Total Control

Some people need total control of every part of their business.

When you run your own PPC campaign you can be certain that it is set up just the way you want it. This may be a good or bad thing depending on how fast you can learn.


Mistakes cost you

While you are teaching yourself how to set up and run a PPC campaign you will get many things wrong.

Each time this happens it will definitely cost you money but will you know how to put it right?.

Time costs money

Learning and setting up your own PPC campaign will require a significant investment of your time. 

Do you have the time to learn this new skill or could your time be better spent making money elsewhere?

You will lose sales

It takes many years to be good at PPC campaign management and learn all the little things that make a difference.

By teaching yourself from scratch we guarantee you will be missing out on valuable sales.

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